Love Is The Answer tells the story of grieving seventeen-year-old Scarlett who falls in love with a young ecstasy dealer and DJ and embraces his lifestyle of raves, pills and underground parties.

Together they're like two wires completing an electrical circuit - with him she's lit up, happy and whole - away from him dead.But when he brutally betrays her she is forced to confront the toxic river of anger they've both been trying so hard to avoid.All publisher royalties donated to Mind charity.Publisher : Spellbound Books (7 May 2022)
Print length : 296 pages

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Praise for Love Is The Answer


"Ben Craib is a master of characterisation... It is the novel that has persuaded me never to pass by the YA sections in my local bookshop in future. There may well be other masterpieces hiding there! And I look forward with impatience to reading Ben Craib’s next book."
Christina James, crime writer


"This book had me crying and I mean ugly crying."
Nikki's Reading Library


"Congratulations Ben on a huge success and I would like to welcome you to my favourite male author list 🥂 I am off to add all your past books to my wish list and I'm looking forward to your future ones too 😊"
Kirsty Whitlock, reviewer


" A very moving and well crafted novel from a writer who deserves attention."
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"Wow, what a hard hitting, emotional rollercoaster of a book. "


"This was a rollercoaster of emotions! As we follow Scarlett's story, I found myself almost shouting out to her to stop. At times she reminded me of myself - I find it so hard to accept help least of all ask for it!"


"This is the sort of book that people need to read and realise..."


"A touching and affecting story about a teenager on the cusp of adulthood dealing with grief, the complexity of teenage friendships and passion. The reader feels all the angst of being a teenager, the intensity of first love, internal conflict between head, heart (and A levels!) as Scarlett takes us with her on her journey. Very powerful - a must read!"
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Ten key teachings from renowned therapist Malcolm Stern, all distilled from his 30 years of intense group work. The book is filled with practical exercises that are combined with real and compelling stories from the therapy room.

When renowned psychotherapist Malcolm Stern's daughter, Melissa, committed suicide in 2014, he experienced most parents’ worst nightmare, and his grief made him challenge every aspect of his work and life. It thrust his growth and development forward in ways he never thought possible, forcing him to confront his fears and work through his biggest blocks.The culmination of that process is: Slay Your Dragons with Compassion: Ten Ways to Thrive Even When It Feels Impossible.The book, which includes many exercises, is the distillation of more than 30 years of experience in the therapy room and shows us that meaning can exist even in the worst tragedy. By creating a set of practices and making them central to our lives, we can find passion, purpose, and meaningful happiness while navigating life’s darkest moments in such a way that we discover the gold hidden within.There is revelation, insight, struggle, decimation, devastation, and winning against all odds in these stories of ordinary people with extraordinary challenges facing them.The reader will be transported into the powerful atmosphere of the therapy room and be left inspired and motivated to make courageous changes in their own lives.Publisher: Watkins Publishing (September 29th, 2020)
Print length: 200 Pages

“Malcolm Stern has a beautiful, harrowing story to tell here — a story of loss, suffering, resilience, and grace. His response to the dreadful pain that life dealt to him has been one of curiosity and expansion, rather than despair and a closing down of the self. What he models in SLAY YOUR DRAGONS WITH COMPASSION is a practical, yet infinitely humane, method of saving your own life from the darkness. This book is an inspiration.”
Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love

Online Men’s Groups Success will give you everything you need to hold successful online men's groups straight away.

You’ll learn the basics with ground rules and clear boundaries, and you’ll pick up the advanced tools of holding a space with impeccable communication and listening skills. You'll know how to meet men where they are, turn issues into insights through rounds of questions, so men can learn from each other's life experiences.The simple tools and techniques I've developed over twenty years will enable you to hold a safe, clean space for men to hang out, be heard and get real. You can enable them to let go of who they no longer need to be, giving space for who they really are to emerge, with honest feedback from other men.Many men live in fear and fantasy, second guessing and surviving life, rather than meeting life with embodied presence, passion, purpose and personal power. Here’s to transforming lost boys into authentic men, adjusting our sails to harness the winds of change.


“I've been a big fan of Kenny and Menspeak men's groups for over 5 years. Men's groups have transformed my life in ways I never thought possible. From improving my interaction with my partner/family and client work and allowing me to be my authentic self in all that I do. It's great to see the teachings of Kenny in text form for me to use as a reference book in running groups and my own one to one work. This will be on my shelf as a classic piece of work.”
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John Hunt Publishing is an innovative publisher whose "default" position is to run the business without the one-to-one relationship that publishers traditionally provide.

The nuts and bolts of seeing a book through to publication are dealt with efficiently by the email notifications and a large amount of help text called the Publishing Guide.Working in conjunction with the MD and web developiers I: re-wrote the entire 200 000 word Publishing Guide to easy-to-read, clear web copy
divided the text into easy-to-navigate sub-headings
created and designed graphics and visuals for each chapter


I can support your students in the development of a piece of creative writing, from conception to completion, offering constructive feedback and encouragement.

My style is fun, active, supportive, and inspirational and I can express complex writing topics in clear, simple, easily undestandable language.All my workshops are bespoke and tailored to your needs. I can offer, for KS 4 and above: Love Is The Answer themed creative writing workshops, based on the themes of grief, first love, one-offs or term length. An interactive presentation, with Powerpoint, on my publication journey and the reality of being a writer.

“It was great for the students to learn about the process of writing a novel and getting it published; also they really enjoyed the writing tasks."

Events Co-ordinator, sixth form college, Brighton

Need help with your book?

I love telling stories and helping others tell theirs.

People come to me when they have an idea for a book, but for whatever reason, are struggling to write it by themselves. My job is to tune into exactly where they are in their writing process and offer the service that is right for them.As a ghost-writer I often work with sensitive material and very personal stories, creating an open supportive space for my clients to speak their truth, and bringing it alive on the page.I also work with many clients in the Mind, Body & Spirit worlds, working in the self-help genre.I talk to my client over a series of interviews, and shape and structure our conversations into the book in their head, in their voice, just how they imagined.I also offer: manuscript assessment and feedback, a developmental or structural edit, and writing mentoring.

“Ben Craib is a master craftsman. I could not have written my book without him. He makes intelligent enquiries and captures my voice on the page brilliantly. I highly recommend him."
Malcolm Stern, Therapist, TV Presenter, and CoFounder/Director of Alternatives.

“Ben has got the patience of a saint, the eye of an eagle, the memory of an elephant, all of which were vital in getting my ebook out of me. His work enabled me to launch my ebook on International Men's Day and gain Amazon No. 1 status in 7 different categories."
Kenny "The Man Whisperer" Marmarella-D'Cruz


I write fiction and I’m rep'd by Rupert Crew.

I’m a published ghostwriter and copywriter with digital marketing and content creation experience across Body, Mind and Spirit publishing and Education & Training sectors.I spent many years in theatre, creating, devising and directing plays with and for young people, working all over London.I was born in Colchester and grew up in London, and now live in London with my partner and son.


Whether you're a reader, have a writing project you are looking for support with, or simply fancy getting in touch, feel free to drop me a line at contact [at]